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7 Lessons About Engagement We Can Learn From Children

This past weekend we had the joy of keeping our 9-year-old grandson. As part of our weekend adventures, we made the highly anticipated dinner stop at a local McDonalds – the one with a great outdoor playground, of course! As … Continue reading

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Organizational Treasures: A Key to Employee Engagement

There is a ton of advice about how to motivate the Millennials and Digital Natives coming on board and interacting with potentially three other generations — but our bias is to try a different approach. Rather than focusing on PowerPoint … Continue reading

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Crystallize Your Mission: 2 Questions to Engage Your Team

At your next staff meeting, have one slide displayed for everyone to see: A copy of the company’s mission statement. Use no other slides—no 20-page handout—no prepared script. Simply welcome your team, point to the slide, and just stand there … Continue reading

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