Developing Wisdom as a Leader: A Self-Directed Activity to be Extraordinary!

Catch Yourself …

Team-High5There’s an old management leadership book called the One Minute Manager, by Ken Blanchard. The key principle in the book encourages leaders to catch a person doing something right every day, and say something positive to reinforce it. While the concept may seem a bit simplistic, the book has been a best seller since it came out in 1982! By the way, there is another book published in 2000, written by Rae Andre and Peter D. Ward, that may reinforce the importance of adding sincerity to that “one minute of praise.” That book is entitled The 59-Second Employee: How to Stay One Second Ahead of Your One Minute Manager!

This Extraordinary You Connection is called: Catch Yourself … It is a strategy to help you be more mindful and aware of what it feels like when you are connected to the Innate Wisdom springing from The Extraordinary You. Here’s how it works:

Part 1: Catch Yourself Unconnected.

frustrated man-head in handsCatch yourself the next time you say “I knew I should have …” It may be a phone call you wish you’d made, or a regret that you did not give a word of praise to one of your employees, or perhaps a wish that you’d taken the extra time to review your report before you hit send, or maybe a realization you should have taken a different route to work as you sit in a traffic jam. As soon as you hear yourself say, “I knew I should have…”—take a moment and pay attention to how you are feeling. Ask yourself these two questions:

    • What was I feeling when I originally had the other thought? (i.e., what was I feeling when I thought about making the call; offering the praise; giving a second review; taking a different route?)
    • What was I feeling when I chose to ignore that thought?

Now take a moment to realize the original feeling was your Innate Wisdom, giving you guidance about the situation. Remember again how you felt, and thank your Innate Wisdom for the guidance. Reinforce the idea that the next time, you will be more open to following your intuitive guidance, even if you do not understand it at the time.

Part 2: Catch Yourself Connected!

business man winning raceEver had one of those moments when you listened to your intuition? Or how about a time when you went through a difficult or emotional experience, and handled it with grace? We assert that this is not just a coincidence or fluke. It happened because, in that moment, you were connected with The Extraordinary You, and you paid attention to the guidance from your Core Ability of Innate Wisdom. Part 2 of this activity invites you to stop the minute you catch yourself connected! In that moment, do two things:

    • Notice how it felt. Awareness is the first step toward transforming a one-shot occurrence into a habit you can replicate over and over again! So pay attention to how the inner guidance felt, and how you responded to it.
    • Honor yourself for being connected. People tend to repeat behavior they are rewarded for, so give yourself emotional kudos for following your intuition and getting great results!

Why not make your phenomenalness your permanent address? Extraordinary leaders know how to listen to their Innate Wisdom and take action based on it. Be Extraordinary! Your people will thank you.

About Cher & Bil Holton

Since 1984, Cher & Bil Holton have been co-owners of The Holton Consulting Group, Inc., helping corporate and association clients enhance bottom-line results using cutting edge employee engagement. Their keynote speeches, turbo-training, and coaching sessions are practical, grounded in research, and lots of fun to boot! They are prolific authors, and take "Indiana Jones" vacations to continually stretch their limits!
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